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Absalom Hall Strother
Absalom Hall Strother (1844-1926) Served in I Company, 161st Ohio Infantry Regiment in Civil War. He was a postmaster and in the creamery business.

Welcome to the William Strother Society, Inc. Web Site

The William Strother Society, Inc. is a family association dedicated to perpetuating the memories of our ancestors and furthering fellowship among the descendants of William Strother (immigrant). Founded in 1986 and incorporated in Virginia in 1992 as a non-profit organization, the Society's members include descendants and their families of William Strother (immigrant), related families and others interested in the Strother family. Today there are almost 300 active members in the Society from throughout the United States and around the world. The Society hopes you enjoy using this website and encourages non-members to join and learn more about and meet with your cousins.

William Strother, the immigrant
William Strother, the immigrant, settled in colonial Virginia in the seventeenth century in what is now King George County near Port Conway. He purchased 500 acres of land on the north side of the Rappahannock River for 25 pounds Sterling on 23 October 1669. William farmed here, raised cattle and employed indentured servants. The old homestead is now known as Millbank. His will was probated in 1702 and names his wife Dorothy and six children: William, James, Jeremiah, Robert, Benjamin and Joseph. These six sons gave us a Strother family of tens of thousands, which includes U.S. presidents, military leaders, judges, legislators and community leaders.

The William Society Family Database
Over most of the last three decades, the Society has accumulated a database of Strother family lineage comprising more than 74,000 individuals. It is presented on this Web site so the data will be available to Society members as a tool for those searching for their ancestry. Also, we hope that members will help in identifying errors or omissions in the database and will add new data to the lineages. Society members are provided a password to use in accessing the database.

This database is a compilation of data furnished to the William Strother Society, Inc. by its members. Because of the size of the database and incomplete data on some individuals, locating a particular individual may require some patience and perseverance. However, the software is "user friendly" allowing searches by both given and surnames. You can also search for an individual by birth/death dates and places. Once an individual is located, navigation up and down that person's lineage is almost instantaneous by use of the parent - child links and the links in the four-generation pedigree charts.

The database includes vital statistics - birth, marriage, and death - dates and places for Strother descendants and their spouses. Also, a variety of biographical information is included for the individuals. The Society is in the process of adding photographs of individuals and of their tombstones and has posted on the site about 250 photos so far. For privacy reasons, birth and marriage information on living persons (assumed, if born less than 110 years ago) has been omitted.

U. S. President Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) Mausoleum
U. S. President Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) Mausoleum
Louisville, Kentucky

Biennial Conference
The next biennial conference held will be July 2018 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is a time to meet new cousins and renew acquaintances from all over the country. Activities will include tours of historical sites, genealogical workshops, social gatherings and numerous opportunities to share family information. We are planning to tour the William Strother/George Washington renovated early 18th century home at nearby Ferry Farm, which will be completed by then. Members will be available to assist those uncertain of their Strother "roots." The emphasis is on having fun.

William Strother Memorial Stone at Millbank
William Strother Memorial Stone at Millbank

Our "Houses of Strother Newsletter" is published quarterly. It includes articles on the history of the Strother family, tips on genealogical research, queries from those seeking family information, and information from our members.


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