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English Ancestry Committee


Robert E. Lamb, Jr.*
2116 Dunwoody Glen
Dunwoody, GA 30338-4438
(770) 512-0236
Email: REL57@mindspring.com


The English Ancestry Committee was formed in 1999 to make an organized, sustained search for the ancestors of William Strother, the immigrant. As there had been recent advances in the use of analysis of the Y-chromosome of the DNA to trace ancestry up the male line, the Committee decided to use this method first to try to obtain evidence of the purported English ancestry of William for which documentation has not been found.

As of May 2009, we have not identified William's ancestors either through DNA testing or document research. We tested eighteen Strother men from the UK and four other countries but did not find a match to William. We also did searches of records in England that have become available since prior searches but to no avail.

Then in 2008 we tested four men in the UK with the surname Struthers. We found that all four had a close DNA match with the descendants of William Strother, the immigrant. This indicated that the original surname of William Strother, or his ancestors, was Struthers instead of Strother.

We then made a search of records in the UK to develop the lineage of each of the four Strutherses tested. We were assisted in this by Peter Wotherspoon, a genealogist in Scotland, who had previously been of great assistance to us for several years in our search of documentation of Strothers in Northumberland. Peter prepared a report on the results of his search for documentation on the lineages of Strutherses. A link to a copy of his report is below along with links to other reports.

The research we did and that Peter Wotherspoon did indicates that the Struthers families come from the county of Lanark, Scotland, which is south of Glasgow.

As William Strother, the immigrant, appeared in America as early as the mid-1600s, we need to search 17th century records. Unfortunately, official records in Scotland are scarce for the 17th century so we were unable to develop the Struthers lineages as far back as we needed to find where William's surname was changed. We are now searching for other sources.

The Committee has also set up a Strother Surname Project on the Internet through which any Strother anywhere with Internet access can have his Y-chromosome tested at a discount. The results of the testing will be available to the Committee for comparison with that of William.

Click here to access the Strother Surname Project Web page.

Contributions in support of the work of the English Ancestry Committee may be made by sending contributions to the Treasurer of the Committee at the address above. Make checks payable to The William Strother Society, Inc. and mark them for the English Ancestry Committee.

For further details of the activities, progress and findings of the Committee, see the following reports of the Committee made to the Board of Directors at each biennial conference of the Society and the report of Peter Wotherspoon on Struthers research.

The following reports are in pdf format. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view them. To download the free program click here.

Files may take several minutes to download depending on modem speed.

2000 EAC Report to the Board

2002 EAC Report to the Board

2004 EAC Report to the Board

2006 EAC Report to the Board

2008 EAC Report to the Board

2009 Report on Struthers Research by Peter Wotherspoon

2010 EAC Report to the Board

2012 EAC Report to the Board

2014 EAC Report to the Board

2016 EAC Report to the Board

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-Appendix 2

-Appendix 3

-Appendix 4

-Appendix 5

-Appendix 6

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