The William Strother Society, Inc.
The William Strother Society, Inc.

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The William Strother Society is a family association dedicated to perpetuating the memories of our ancestors and furthering fellowship among the descendants of William Strother, the immigrant.  Founded in 1986 as the Society of Descendants of William Strother, it was incorporated in Virginia in 1992 as The William Strother Society, Inc.  The Society's members include descendants of William Strother and their families, related families, and others interested in the Strother family, throughout the United States and Europe.  In addition, we partner with the Library of Congress, State and local libraries, historical societies and genealogical societies, including the DAR and SAR.  Some of the more notable members of this amazing family are shown below.  
We appreciate your interest and invite you to enjoy the features of this web site.

What's New....

2018 Conference (July 11-14) - Fredericksburg, VA - updated to include a Schedule of Events and the Conference Registration Form.  Details under Events.
Who's coming:
  • Hank Bair
  • Ernst & Leslie Bauer
  • Edith Kay Bernards
  • Cornelia Ann Burr
  • James & Elaine Burress
  • Karla & Kevin Cash
  • Judy Davila
  • Tammy, Scott & Ryan Dindinger, Dana Nelson, Allison Nelson 
  • Elizabeth & Duncan Ely
  • George, Kathy, Jessica & Lisa Fenwick
  • Sally Frodge, Ryan Frodge
  • E. C. Hamilton & Barbara Krongel
  • Sharon & Dan Harpstead
  • Jim Hawkins
  • Claire Haynes
  • Dorothy Hilbush
  • Kim Haynes Hollenshead
  • Margaret Candler & Max R. King
  • Fran & Wayne Kirkpatrick
  • Martha & Ronald Kologiski
  • Bob & Patty Lamb, Susan Fore & Janette Young
  • Dan M. Martin
  • Luanne Strother & Jim Miller
  • Carol & Raymond Moot, Seth & Valerie Greene
  • Darla Strother & Richard Motley
  • Mike & Rosemary Noble
  • Peggy Norman
  • Karen & Tim O'Brien & Connor O'Boyle
  • Kaye O'Kelley
  • Marjorie Putnam & Carl Derry
  • Sabra Strother & Andrew Rabon
  • Carol & Brian Rush
  • Alice Ryan
  • Brian, Christi, Bill & Lanie Sanders
  • Daniel Strother
  • Edward & Sandy Strother, Dianne Boyd & Gail Strother
  • Gale & Faye Strother
  • G. Greg Strother
  • Jessica G. Strother
  • Jimmy & Maxie Strother, Susie Barry
  • Keller Strother, Sterling Strother
  • Richard (Dick) & Donna Strother, Paula Thiede
  • Mary Belle Sutton
  • Paula Thomas
  • Diane Strother & Ron Vincent
  • Nancy & Karl Welhart
  • J. Frank Wilson
  • Marian Windel
  • Allen & Gethine Wright
  • John Zimmerman & Amy Brofft
  • Joseph & Lynn Zimmerman 
  • William & Lisa Zimmerman
New Members Since April 1:
Janelle DeVore - Upper Marlboro, MD
Tammy Mae & Richard Dindinger - Manassas, VA
Ruth Frodge Edmisten - Georgetown, OH
Denise & Frank Flower - Smithton, PA
Dana & Richard Nelson - Oakwood, GA
Sarah Nuche - Dallas, TX
Jane Lewis Rectenwald - Missoula, MT
Jemina Robinson - Yukon, OK
Alice Bell Ryan - Sacramento, MT
Alana & Roger Shuma - Murana, AZ
Millie & Larry Snyder - Drummond, OK
Linda & James Stendebeck - Stephens City, VA
G. Greg Strother - Charlotte, NC
Raymond Strother - Deland, FL
Thomas Strother - Jamestown, CA
Suzanne Terry - Gulf Breeze, FL
Larry & Gina Veach - Winchester, VA
Marian K Windel - Louisa, VA
Recent Obituaries:
Mary Louise Greenlaw
Derek Ian Strother
Jim Glenn Strother, Jr
Robert Griffen Strother

Our Family Database

The Strother Family Database‚Ä® details our family lineage comprising more than 77,000 individuals, including photographs, cemetery records, and more.  It is accessible via this Web site and available to Society members only as a tool for those searching for their ancestry. Access to this database is found in the Genealogy section.

Biennial Conference

We hold a business meeting and "family reunion" every two years.  This is a time to meet new cousins and renew acquaintances from all over the country -- the emphasis is on having fun. Our 17th Biennial Conference will be held July 2018 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Check out the details on the Events page.


Our "Houses of Strother Newsletter" is published quarterly.  It includes articles on the history of the Strother family, current activities, tips on genealogical research, queries from those seeking family information, and information and stories from our members.  Access to the newsletters is found in the Members Section.

Charles S. Robb
(1939- ) Former Governor of Virginia and U.S. Senator from Virginia. Married a daughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson.
George S. Patton, Jr.
(1885-1945) Served in World War I and was one of the foremost American combat generals of World War II.
Jimmy Carter
James Earl (Jimmy) Carter, Jr. (1924- ) Former Governor of Georgia and 39th President of the United States. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.
Zachary Taylor
(1784-1850) Army general - served in the War of 1812 and the Mexican-American War. 12th President of the United States.