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The William Strother Society, Inc.

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The William Strother Society is a family association dedicated to perpetuating the memories of our ancestors and furthering fellowship among the descendants of William Strother, the immigrant.  Founded in 1986 as the Society of Descendants of William Strother, it was incorporated in Virginia in 1992 as The William Strother Society, Inc.  The first 'Strother Family Reunion' was spearheaded by Lloyd Oliver, an avid genealogist and Strother descendant from San Antonio, Texas.  He identified 700 Strother descendants across the country and invited them to meet and share kinship in September 1986 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  He was assisted by Marjorie Strother, from King George, Virginia, and George A. Fenwick, Sr, from Chester, New Jersey.  About 200 people showed up and from this reunion the William Strother Society was born.  These three forward-thinking 'cousins' are now considered the founders of the organization.    
                         Lloyd Oliver & Marjorie Strother       Marjorie Strother            George Fenwick, Sr
The Society's members include descendants of William Strother and their families, related families, and others interested in the Strother family, throughout the United States and Europe. In addition, we partner with the Library of Congress, State and local libraries, historical societies and genealogical societies, including the DAR and SAR.  Some of the more notable members of this amazing family are shown below.  
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We Remember....

The William Strother Society has sadly lost a dedicated and humble, but outstanding, long-time member, Lois Strother Davis. Lois was our first President, elected at the 1988 Conference, and served the Society with distinction in various roles for 28 years -- through the 2016 Conference.  She died on January 2, 2021, following a courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease.
 Dorothy Bevins Hilbush passed away on February 26, 2021, in
 Gloucester, Virginia, after an illness of several months just shy of her
 100th birthday. She was a member and former director of the William
 Strother Society and attended many conferences.  She was also an aunt of
 Robert (Bob) Lamb.
 Lawrence Ely (Larry) Hite passed away on May 24, 2022, in
 Summertown, Tennessee.  Formerly of Bellair Beach, Florida, and
 Burnsville, North Carolina, Larry had  been an active member of the
 William Strother Society and served as Treasurer from 1998-2002.  Larry
 was the husband of Robin Hite, former Genealogist of the Society.
 Robin Theobald Hite, 83, of Belleair Beach, Florida, passed away on
 Sunday, December 13, 2020.  Robin joined the Strother Society in
 1990 and was elected the first Genealogist in July 1992.  She published
 several books detailing the family lines of some of William Strother's
 sons and resigned as Genealogist in January 2012 for health reasons.
 Wanda “Faye” Strother, age 87, passed away peacefully at home in
 Crystal City, Missouri, Saturday, October 23, 2021. Wanda Faye was the
 wife of Gale Strother, long-time member and former treasurer of the 
 Strother Society, and attended many conferences with him.
Complete obituaries are posted under the Members' Section

What's New....


Strother Family Conference - Due to the nationwide COVID pandemic, the 2020 conference was first rescheduled for July 2021 and has now been rescheduled for July 13-17, 2022, in the original location, Winchester, Virginia. This conference will feature the program already well-organized by George Fenwick.  Check out the plans for the conference under Events, including the detailed Conference Schedule and Conference Registration form.
  • Elections - The terms of all current Society officers, board members and committee chairs are extended until elections are held at the next conference in July 2022.
  • Membership - As our membership period is conference to conference, current memberships will be extended until the next conference in July 2022.  No additional dues will be owed until that time.
New Members During 2021:
Laurie Baker - Denton, WA
Sandra Barlau - Chula Vista, CA
Jane & Robert Beck - Cedar Rapids, IA
Patricia & Chris Buehrig - Chester, SC
Elizabeth Carpenter - New York, NY
Brandon & Carol Center - Carrollton, TX
Janice & Gary Letkemann - Howell, MI
Iris May - Edmond, OK
John Niles - Lexington, MA
Stephani Noar - Anacortes, WA
Jack & Tanya Pitzerr - Alexandria, VA
Charles & Christina Powell - Dolores, CO
Georgeann & Travis Rabb - Williamsburg, VA
Anthony & Rosemarie Strother - Durham, NC
Bryan & Bridget Strother - Youngsville, LA
Elizabeth Strother - Van Nuys, CA
Sebren & Toni Strother - New Orleans, LA
Robert Stroud - Garland, TX
Mary Tatum - Raleigh, NC
Joseph & Brenda Turner - Missouri City, TX
Donna Wagner - Forney, TX
Susan Warnstrom - Lompoc, CA
New Members During 2022:
Dana & Gus Elg - Portland, OR
Diane Frieman - West Orange, NJ
Virginia Gore - Silsbee, TX
Thomas Lutz-Allen - Haymarket, VA
Michael Mehling - Broadway, VA
Robert Moody - Denver, CO
Elizabeth Ross - Greenbrier, TN
Belinda Stevens - Pine, AZ
Christan & Jane Stewart - La Grange, KY
Barbara Strother - Dickerson, MD
Walter & Sheila Strother - Marietta, GA
Ashley Wilson - Louisville, KY
Recent Obituaries:
(Note:  full text can be found in the Members' Section)
Camilla Frances Corbin - April 4, 2020
Lois Strother Davis - January 2, 2021
Nolan B. Hensarling - April 7, 2020
Dorothy Lamb Hilbush - February 26, 2021
Lawrence Ely (Larry) Hite - May 24, 2022
Robin Theobald Hite - December 13, 2020
Robert John "Robin" King - June 11, 2020
Andrew K. Kulaga - November 15, 2020
Frances Tompkins Noble - November 2, 2021
Samuel W. Strother - July 17, 2021
Wanda "Faye" Strother - October 23, 2021
Burton M. TenBrink, Jr - October 11, 2020
Janette Lamb Young - March 25, 2020

Our Family Database

The Strother Family Database‚Ä® contains our family lineage comprising over 80,000 individuals, including families, photographs, cemetery records, and more.  It is accessible only via this Web site and available to Society members as a tool for those searching for their ancestry. To access this database, click on the menu item Strother Database.

Biennial Conference

We hold a business meeting and "family reunion" every two years.  This is a time to meet new cousins and renew acquaintances from all over the country -- the emphasis is on having fun. The conference scheduled for 2020 was cancelled due to the national COVID pandemic. The next conference is scheduled for July this year in Winchester, Virginia. Check out the details on the Events page.


Our "Houses of Strother Newsletter" is published quarterly.  It includes articles on the history of the Strother family, current activities, tips on genealogical research, queries from those seeking family information, and information and stories from our members.  Access to the newsletters is found in the Members' Section.

Jimmy Carter
James Earl (Jimmy) Carter, Jr. (1924- ) Former Governor of Georgia and 39th President of the United States. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.
Randolph Scott
George Randolph Scott (1898-1987) -- stage and screen actor. Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is in the Western Performers Hall of Fame.
David Hunter Strother
(1816-1888) Talented artist and draftsman from Civil War era. Worked for Harper's Monthly magazine using pen name "Porte Crayon".
Absalom Hall Strother
(1844-1926) Served in 161st Ohio Infantry Regiment in the Civil War. Was a postmaster and in the creamery business.