The William Strother Society, Inc.
The William Strother Society, Inc.
Strother Family Database
Over the last three decades, the William Strother Society, Inc. has accumulated a database of Strother family lineage comprising almost 83,000 individuals.  The database includes vital statistics (birth, marriage and death dates and places) for Strother descendants and their spouses.  Also, a variety of biographical information is included for some individuals.  It is being presented on this web site so the data will be available to Society members as a tool for those searching for their ancestry.  We hope that members will help in identifying errors or omissions in the database and will add new data to the lineages.
Most new people added to the Strother family database come from members submitting their family information.  Others are input as the result of genealogy research to identify Strother family members.  We have been able to identify numerous additional Strothers by analyzing U.S. Census reports, and marriage and death records found on the Internet.  These same sources have been helpful in correcting some errors in the database, adding information on existing people, eliminating duplicates, and adding source citations.  In addition, the substantial data accumulated by the Society's former Burial Sites Committee has been folded into the database.  Hopefully these efforts will make the database more useful to Society members.
Since this database is a compilation of data furnished to the Society by its members, the data has not been verified and, in many instances, the source of the data has not been cited, making verification difficult.  There may be errors of fact present in the database.  In addition, because of the length of time over which the database has been built and the varied contributors of data, entering the data in a consistent manner has been difficult. Because of these problems, the Society makes no representation that the data is reliable evidence of any particular lineage. Because of the size of the database and incomplete data on some individuals, locating a particular individual may require some patience and perseverance. However, once an individual is located, navigation up and down that person's lineage is almost instantaneous by use of the parent-child links and the links in the four-generation pedigree charts.  For privacy reasons, birth and marriage information on living persons (assumed if born less than 110 years ago) has been omitted.
Click on the link below to access the database.  If you have questions on using the database or want to add to or change any of the information displayed, please contact the Database Administrator, Ed Strother, at  Note that we do not guarantee the accuracy of this information.